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The healthcare industry is facing some unprecedented challenges, from ageing populations to the rise in long-term and acute conditions. Health systems are struggling to cope, but digital tools and technology are helping create some positive changes at both systemic and patient levels.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of the important shifts in healthcare, as well as why we at Dragon Rouge believe that building strong brands through a clear and guiding purpose will be critical to performance and growth for businesses operating at the heart of the industry.

Protect me and my data

New, connected technologies and the increased number of players and agencies, both public and private, involved in patients’ care, creates concerns for who owns and uses ‘my’ personal and sensitive information.

Driven by data

Increased access to data means healthcare providers have smarter ways to monitor, diagnose, plan, treat and even prevent. Technology has the potential to drive down admissions and appointments to create cost saving efficiencies, whilst being more in tune with patients’ health.

Empowered patients

Technology is also giving patients the confidence and means to take more proactive and positive roles in managing their own health, from self-tracking to finding access to their own medicines. It’s also opening up new channels for health management, from access to patient to patient support, to the immediacy of digital doctors and nursing.

Disruption from all sides - commodity

Healthcare pathways are becoming more complex than ever before, making it harder for patients to navigate and businesses to grow. More and more players and providers in healthcare not only increases risks of commoditization for products and services, but also means increased threat of disruption, from small technology disruptors to big consumer brands like Google looking to capitalize and lead in the future.

We prescribe stronger, more purposeful brands

We believe it will be critical for businesses in the healthcare space to strengthen their brands to protect, guide and grow them in the medium to long-term. Existing and new products and services will help to create functional differentiation in the short-term, but a clear brand strategy that starts with your purpose and that lives through all experiences and touchpoints, has a wider range of benefits.

  • 1

    Brand forges better connections with your target customer and their needs.

  • 2

    Brand ignites new ideas for change and areas for expansion, helping guide product and service innovation.

  • 3

    Brand builds loyalty with customers, whether B2B or B2C.

  • 4

    Brand offers a promise of value through experience, not just functional benefits.

  • 5

    Brand creates shareholder value,through forming a promise of future direction and ambition.

  • 6

    Brand inspires and motivates a business on the inside, at all levels: a clear definition can unite and galvanise.

How we’ve helped healthcare brands get future-fit


We've been working with the leading innovator for oncology treatment technology, Elekta. We evolved the brand's verbal and visual identity to put a clearer, more engaging and uniting purpose and mission at its heart - to help clinicians improve the lives of their patients by providing 'Focus Where It Matters'. We've brought it to life through internal engagement programmes and innovation sessions.

3M Healthcare

Working with one of the world's most innovative companies, we helped to develop a brand proposition for 3M Healthcare that strengthens its sell to customers, whilst preparing the company for the future. Print and film helped create clarity internally and externally around our proposition - 'Creating Confidence At Every Step of Care'.

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Discover the latest industry news

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